Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?

I never liked to shop. I don’t have the confidence or talent or creative mind it takes to put an outfit together. My daughter used to tell me I dressed too much like a grandma. I’ve been told I dress too baggy for the nice shape I have. I am a modest dresser, I admit.…… Continue reading Dressing “UP”….YUCK! Do I HAVE TO?

What does Food Have to Do About “IT”?

Honestly, I had no idea about the existence of “Food” Deserts. Basically, the lack of certain foods in a general location. Desert, means an arid region, not to get confused with the misspelling that would be “dessert”, with two “s’s”. That is something you indulge in after dinner, preferably. I only stumbled upon this term…… Continue reading What does Food Have to Do About “IT”?