Who is Watching Me?

Close the book. Turn off the program. You don’t need to see that. Switch the station. Shut it down. You don’t need to hear that. Tell them no. Walk away. You don’t need to do that. Don’t respond. Bite your tongue. You don’t need to say that. Turn around. Drive away. You don’t need to…… Continue reading Who is Watching Me?

Is Reliable Hard to Find?

Is there anyone faithful, who can keep their promises to me? You said you would….but you didn’t. You said you could….but you can’t. You said you will….but I’m still waiting. You said you did….but you didn’t. You said, call me when…..but it made no difference. You said, maybe tomorrow….but tomorrow never comes. You said, I…… Continue reading Is Reliable Hard to Find?

You Have Something to DO

Get to it…no one else is going to do it Don’t wait another day…it is not promised to you Get to it….don’t pass through it It will be waiting for you tomorrow unless You get to it , just to do it, you can ….yes you can Who’s telling you not to do it? Close…… Continue reading You Have Something to DO