woman in red long sleeve dress holding white textile
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The gal above is not me but a typical view of what a sewing workroom looks like. Mine is a lot messier.

My biggest frustration about this business has been the time I spend just organizing and setting up my new website. If I paid and arm and a leg I know I could have someone do it for me.

I am frugal, a spend-thrift, and very entrepreneurial so I teach myself what I can. At this time, during my retirement years I have more time anyway.

My life does not depend on making the almighty dollar and I was never as much interested in that, as I was, and am, in having fun…and loving Jesus!


I love variety in my life.

I enjoy too many things perhaps, that all have to do with being creative. I want to still work, but allow time for other interests too. I especially like managing my website, having time alone, and sewing for my customers.

We have eleven grandchildren and within just a few weeks one more will be added. I am married to the most patient and wonderful man who has brought to me this blended family.

This is me on a in our backyard.

I love kids and hope to make some puppets and doll clothes to sell in my online store. You will find me laughing and smiling when I work on these types of things.

Thank you for visiting my site! ~~ Cathy Silverberg

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