Are You Thinking Clearly?

Are You Thinking Clearly? I was pro choice when I was in high school….over 50 years ago.Since then, I have changed my mind, completely reversed. I am drawn to ProLife issues in the news, organizations I can support, and recently, trying to tell my own story, to help some woman out there and stand in…… Continue reading Are You Thinking Clearly?

An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Have you ever accidentally knocked over an anthill that seemed to be growing in the middle of your child’s sandbox. You both enjoyed watching the critters scamper to rebuild, piece by piece. They would carry sand crystals twice or three times the size of their body and crawl it quickly into the opening of the…… Continue reading An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Courage Isn’t Fearless

Courage walks alone.It does not hide behind groups or cliques or gangs. Courage speaks it’s own mind, not mimicking others.Some may follow and be inspired, but only it’s convictions,guide a person of courage. Courage is not boisterous or obnoxious to gather attention to itself.It does one small act, to hold fast the ground it loves…… Continue reading Courage Isn’t Fearless