I Feel More Alive Under Pressure

With all the messages out there telling people how to relax and unwind, I have had enough of that lately. I work best and am happiest when I am handling a big project and have a deadline to meet that is fast approaching. I have been missing all the business of being busy. I like…… Continue reading I Feel More Alive Under Pressure

Receive is an Action Word

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

If I don’t take time to make the phone call, I won’t engage in the conversation I need. If I don’t walk over to open the mailbox, I can’t gather what is in it for me. Maybe that card or letter, unexpected but longed for. If I don’t cook the meal, make the sandwich, or…… Continue reading Receive is an Action Word

Some Good Things

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Maybe There is Something Good About This Things seem dismal and grey, especially if you live in Minnesota, this time of year.The house seems a little chilly, but I could turn up the thermostat.Sometimes we can do something about our circumstances, but just choose not to.I brush my teeth without turning on the light….what’s the…… Continue reading Some Good Things