Not Sure if I’m Doing it Right

I know what I’ve read.I’ve seen many pictures and keep these stored in my head.I visited many places with examples of what I want to accomplish.I may not have your approval.I may not win a reward.As long as I am satisfied will it be enough for me?Is it ever enough?I think I will do what…… Continue reading Not Sure if I’m Doing it Right

An Expected Do-Over

PROCESSING THE ORDER: I took the easy way.I took the shortcut.I was overconfident about the outcome.I have done this before so many times so doing it this way I can complete the job faster. I can deliver the goods to my customer sooner this way. DELIVERY DAY: Oh no, it didn’t fit. I was off…… Continue reading An Expected Do-Over

A Job Finally Completed!

This one is behind meit’s time to stop and cheer!Time to stretch and walk outside. I think I will read the paper.The “Epoch Times” of course. After listening to the memorials and stories of war on the radiowhile sewing the last of my items needing to be sewn thisMemorial Day weekend, I shed some tears.…… Continue reading A Job Finally Completed!

Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?

I sold something using one of the venues on the internet but didn’t get my payment. Bummer. I did everything (I thought) right and shipped on time, etc. It was not a big sale but that is not the point. I expected something to happen if I did something correctly and in a timely manner.…… Continue reading Does Customer Service Matter Anymore?