Our New Addition

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

My daughter and her husband had a baby girl. She did the same as me….two boys…then her girl. Pure sweetness. I love those little boys too…now seven and five…so proud to be big brothers. One proud for the first time gaining the title. And daddy is oh so proud but more so “worried about her”…… Continue reading Our New Addition

Finding My Forgotten Thoughts of Thankfulness

Before I lay down my head…should I start a sentence with “before”?I never took a writing class but some rules I vaguely remember.I just feel like emptying my head before going to bed to think of other things. I just feel I want to leave you with something.Something I am not even sure will be…… Continue reading Finding My Forgotten Thoughts of Thankfulness

Memories of a Father – Blessed

Dandelion picking on our lawn Finding four leaf clovers Green bean picking and pulling carrots Making snapdragons open Jigsaw puzzles all year round Croquet tournaments Colored steps and hop scotch Dice games and stacking card towers Tinsel hung perfectly on our Christmas tree Dancing with us to Lawrence Welk songs Bonanza and My Three Sons…… Continue reading Memories of a Father – Blessed

Pianos Bittersweet Memories… Replaced Again….and the Music Lives ON

Play your piano with the window open and don’t be shy. You would be surprised how many people walking by would love to hear you no matter what level of skill you have. Imagine yourself a concert pianist and one day you may be closer than you are today even if not your goal.