Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready

I’m wondering why this is taking so long. I feel like I am in slow motion.I know what I want to accomplish in part,but not sure the tools I need to get started.I feel like I have a handicap somehow.Yet I am not so sure what that is that still keeps me back.It’s as if…… Continue reading Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready

An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Have you ever accidentally knocked over an anthill that seemed to be growing in the middle of your child’s sandbox. You both enjoyed watching the critters scamper to rebuild, piece by piece. They would carry sand crystals twice or three times the size of their body and crawl it quickly into the opening of the…… Continue reading An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Better to Give What Little You Have, than Keep It

Three words describe me best. Christ follower, patriot and student. All three are important to me and gives me my purpose in the times in which we live. God, country and always learning gives me something to work toward and contribute to.If you are not working toward something, you are either stagnant, or working away…… Continue reading Better to Give What Little You Have, than Keep It

Who is Watching Me?

Close the book. Turn off the program. You don’t need to see that. Switch the station. Shut it down. You don’t need to hear that. Tell them no. Walk away. You don’t need to do that. Don’t respond. Bite your tongue. You don’t need to say that. Turn around. Drive away. You don’t need to…… Continue reading Who is Watching Me?

You Have Something to DO

Get to it…no one else is going to do it Don’t wait another day…it is not promised to you Get to it….don’t pass through it It will be waiting for you tomorrow unless You get to it , just to do it, you can ….yes you can Who’s telling you not to do it? Close…… Continue reading You Have Something to DO

Memories of a Father – Blessed

Dandelion picking on our lawn Finding four leaf clovers Green bean picking and pulling carrots Making snapdragons open Jigsaw puzzles all year round Croquet tournaments Colored steps and hop scotch Dice games and stacking card towers Tinsel hung perfectly on our Christmas tree Dancing with us to Lawrence Welk songs Bonanza and My Three Sons…… Continue reading Memories of a Father – Blessed

Meeting Patience

Pray Peace God Dove Soul Hand Prayer Trust

Have you had one of those days where no matter what you do you get to spend more time with “patience” than you really wanted to? It’s easier when I can “fly off” with the handle. Patience likes it when I stay calm even though I would just love to scream. She likes a quiet…… Continue reading Meeting Patience