Just Like Me

I don’t want to ….

I don’t feel like …..

I am too tired to…..

I am not in the mood to……

I would rather……

I am afraid to…..

I’m annoyed when….

I get sick of……

I wish that…..

I don’t understand when…..

You are just like me. We both have feelings and misunderstandings.

It is called HUMANITY! Let’s get along….today….one day at a time.
Can we live in peace?

We don’t each have to have our way do we?
How about we take turns?

Our children are watching!

By cushn4

I am a wife and grandmother and still doing some sewing. Writing has been a pass time I enjoy. I write to inspire, encourage and enlighten others about the times we live in. God is my refuge and my strength.

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