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Doll Clothes for all Sizes

I have been collecting dolls for years, thinking one day, a grandchild may enjoy playing with them. Also, I hoped to find the time to make new outfits for them. I imagined a suitcase full that they could select from.

None of my plans worked out. The grandchildren I had were either afraid of dolls, disinterested in dolls, or had much prettier dolls at their homes to play with than mine. Now, I make clothes to sell and am having so much fun myself. Maybe these dolls were meant for another purpose in my life after all.

How does one go about selling doll clothes for dolls?

Honestly, I have yet to figure out the magical recipe without breaking the bank. Ads and paying fees to platforms that offer you the bells and whistles you need to sell online is one way to get you closer to your ultimate goal. You could put in the hours and work involved selling at a booth that you rent at a fair.

If you don’t have at least 100 items of inventory, or an outfit very unique that took perhaps hours to create in the first place, I wonder if you are even ready. I’m not quite there. Still, I thought I would bring you along for the ride, and maybe we can learn how to master this niche of selling something we enjoy making.

If this all does not work out for me, it will still be alright. I am enjoying the time I have to make these clothes, and one day they will be passed off to someone or someplace where a child may find them to enjoy. Money isn’t everything to me. But when you get a sale, it does give you a bit of a boost to your ego.

Get the word out. Who knows you are selling doll clothes?

Is it enough your husband knows and your family that you want to sell your doll clothes? How about friends? Are they your market?

When I started my cushion cover business, but since have been down-sizing, I had a market in mind. The market my husband thought I had, was not the one I wanted. My sights were higher.

We all have a “number” that stands out for us. Mine was never six figures. I know I am not that ambitious. It has nothing, however, to do with my worth. The two are not the same.

(We don’t all have to be of a certain economic status to measure our worth. That would be a terrible thing. Only the elites think that way. God does not, and that is who is always my standard to behold.
Read my other blogs if you want to know more about my philosophy.)

Here are a few tips I have learned, but many not be implementing today for my own reasons, about marketing (getting the sales you need).

  • Set a goal – do you know how many outfits or dollars you want to sell/make?
    • A goal will motivate you to do what you need to, so you build your inventory.
    • make daily/weekly and monthly goals
    • reward yourself when a goal is reached (it does not have to cost much or anything, even just a sticker, a coffee)
    • write down your goals
    • make a picture board of your goals
      • I did something similar years ago and came across this picture book hidden away in my closet. I flipped through it and was surprised to see how many things for me really did come true.
      • What we think can manifest itself, but God holds my future, so don’t believe in the false beliefs of some religions that are only telling you lies – still, our minds are powerful, so feed them with good things like God’s truth…you are loved….you can do it!
  • Do you know the market you could sell to?
    • Who would buy your doll clothes?
    • What age group/location/economic class?
    • Do you want to mass-produce and distribute what you make? Do you want to have a steady flow of visitors?
    • Do you want to sell online or face-to-face?
    • Are your items seasonal or for special gift-giving?
  • What is your budget for marketing expenses?
    • Do you have a website or need one?
      • domain name
      • domain privacy
      • eCommerce site/blog
      • WebHost/webserver
    • Are you on social media/Pinterest/Amazon?
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Gab
    • Do you have a podcast/videos/photo gallery platform?
    • Do you want email marketing/mass mailing?
    • handouts-brochures/business cards/flyers
  • Do you really love what you do?
    • You get out of anything you do as much as you put into it. Being retired, the money I could make if I worked hard is not as important to me as the fun I have to make these clothes for dolls. I take pride in what I create if I am going to put it out there for someone to buy. If I got a sale, I know I will write about the elation I got from it.
    • do something daily to move you forward to reach your goal
    • take breaks to think/create/explore
      • learn from others-look at doll clothes
      • get new ideas-how to make something or do something unique to how you are marketing
      • see what others are doing-look at their websites, blogs, storefronts, photos, etc.
  • Be grateful/thankful/bless others
    • Share what you learn.
    • Offer something for free to your visitors or shoppers.
      • throw a surprise in your packaging when you ship or hand someone their order
      • consider a pretty thank you note
      • set up an incentive program for buyers
    • Stay in touch when you say you will.
    • Keep your promises.

Don’t get discouraged.

  • Sales is a numbers game. The greater the amount of inventory and the greater number of people drawn to your store, the better chance you have of selling a product.
  • Make your items the best you can or learn how to do better.
    • There are many tutorials online on how to sew something correctly, more efficiently, or more easily.
    • Zig-zag stitching works best on knits is one thing I learned only within the last few years of sewing. I never worked with knits.
    • Take a sewing class
  • If frustration is setting in, read some blogs out there. We all get frustrated. There are more things alike about we humans than there are differences.
    • Walk away – do something totally different than what you are doing. Do something you enjoy.
    • Call a friend- or your mother, if you are lucky to have such a good relationship. I would love a call from an adult child of mine, for any reason.
    • Visit a book store or your favorite shopping place to unwind but leave the credit cards at home.

I wish you the best in sales! Hope you found something useful here. “Do not worry…”(Matthew 6:31)

By cushn4

I am a wife and grandmother and still doing some sewing. Writing has been a pass time I enjoy. I write to inspire, encourage and enlighten others about the times we live in. God is my refuge and my strength.

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