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This is a brand new light fixture that didn’t work for our design preference.
It is a beautiful item in mint condition. Other than the fact we hung it up briefly, it was not used.

It is carefully repackaged in it’s original container.
I will include your shipping if you purchase this within 5 days.

Product comes with 5 linen parchment paper covers cylinder shaped. I have more photos of this fixture
but trying to figure out how to display them so it is not such a mess.

I can’t find all the details about this product in my computer. I am also working at opening my store.
It is without blemish and boxed in the original packaging and container.

You only pay to ship back within 3 business days of your delivery.
Upon  our inspection, if in the same packaging, container, and condition,
you will be refunded. All conditions must be met.

Contact me if you want more information. Text/Call:  651-245- 0644

Fixture retails at $260.00. A product of Generation Lighting but this item is discontinued:



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