I am a small home-based business….but now more of a hobby. I wanted to set up a store to bring for high quality made items for sale.

High quality does not mean it can’t be affordable. I sometimes use high-end fabrics that I am lucky to receive that I make into goods to sale in my store.

I used to have a store on another platform but tired of the fees, the rules, the changes….etc. I spend just as much time managing my own store here.

*Only click on the darker buttons below.…to see what is for sale in that category. The other pages are not set up yet.

Categories in my Shop:

More inventory is coming soon!

I’m using up my scraps and remnants to make “things”…whatever pops in my head. Praying for creativity to come to me. I think you have to spend the time in the sewing room and off the computer!

I also have my used books from my workroom, and others I want to pass on to you at a great book price. It has all been fun…the store…to set up. Hope everything with it is in working order.

Please let me know if something isn’t working (links/pages). I’ll give you a coupon code for $5.00 off to use in my store if you do!

  • homemade tote
  • assorted books on shelf
  • bedroom interior with soft cushions on bed at home
  • woman in red long sleeve dress holding white textile

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