Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready

I’m wondering why this is taking so long. I feel like I am in slow motion.I know what I want to accomplish in part,but not sure the tools I need to get started.I feel like I have a handicap somehow.Yet I am not so sure what that is that still keeps me back.It’s as if…… Continue reading Don’t Push Start Until You are Ready

A Hand Reaching Out

Hand to hand holding connect relationship

What do I have to share? My story…my experience. Sure…I would have done things differently, knowing now what I didn’t know then.Can I make something good out of this mess I left behind. The messy black mark on mytimeline of my life? I hope so…if not….what good am I? I must not keep this wisdom…… Continue reading A Hand Reaching Out

Doing Nothing – My Dry Well

Here I am…doing nothing. I should be doing, growing, creating, earning. I write about nothing, express nothing. I am empty. My well is dry. Only God can fill me. Nothing motivates me, inspires, excites or lifts me up….today. Maybe this too will pass…how I feel today. I feel better on rainy days. Maybe I need…… Continue reading Doing Nothing – My Dry Well