It’s Not Really Over….It’s Just Begun

No matter the outcome, no matter the winner,The real work is just begun.Lessons learned, justice will prevail,things are never as bad as they seem. Cry, but just a little. Pick yourself up.Don’t stay in the dark too long.Today is a new day. Promises will unfold,and you will smile again, when you see the light. Stay…… Continue reading It’s Not Really Over….It’s Just Begun

You Have Something to DO

Get to it…no one else is going to do it Don’t wait another day…it is not promised to you Get to it….don’t pass through it It will be waiting for you tomorrow unless You get to it , just to do it, you can ….yes you can Who’s telling you not to do it? Close…… Continue reading You Have Something to DO

Memories of a Father – Blessed

Dandelion picking on our lawn Finding four leaf clovers Green bean picking and pulling carrots Making snapdragons open Jigsaw puzzles all year round Croquet tournaments Colored steps and hop scotch Dice games and stacking card towers Tinsel hung perfectly on our Christmas tree Dancing with us to Lawrence Welk songs Bonanza and My Three Sons…… Continue reading Memories of a Father – Blessed

Just Like Me

I don’t want to …. I don’t feel like ….. I am too tired to….. I am not in the mood to…… I would rather…… I am afraid to….. I’m annoyed when…. I get sick of…… I wish that….. I don’t understand when….. SO WHAT IS ALL THE FIGHTING ABOUT?You are just like me. We…… Continue reading Just Like Me

Unexpected….Just in Time

I went to read a post titled “Troubled” . It was a young woman’s exerpt about looking for love and worried if she would ever find true love. I could not reply to her as she did not allow comments. As she was left feeling hopeless, I thought others might also be in this tough…… Continue reading Unexpected….Just in Time