Making Doll Clothes to Sell

Doll Clothes for all Sizes I have been collecting dolls for years, thinking one day, a grandchild may enjoy playing with them. Also, I hoped to find the time to make new outfits for them. I imagined a suitcase full that they could select from. None of my plans worked out. The grandchildren I had…… Continue reading Making Doll Clothes to Sell

Today I Decided to Retire

Woman in a hammock with book on summer day

Have you ever quit something and had second thoughts? I guess some might think I had it all. Some may think I could have done more with my business. I was always content and very happy to be my own boss. I set my own hours and worked as hard as I wanted too. No…… Continue reading Today I Decided to Retire

Is Your Basket Half Full?

On your marks, get set….. The attitude we have before we approach something has a lot to do with the outcome that we will receive. Do you attack the small tasks the same way you do a large project? Which one excites you more? Which one causes the most anxiety? Do you think if you…… Continue reading Is Your Basket Half Full?