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If you are looking for someone to sew a project you have been only dreaming of….you have come to the right place!

Do you need help finding fabric? You get to choose from your own favorite supplier or I can help you find the right type for your project.

Cushions and covers are my specialty but I can admit that my talent with sewing does not end there. However, I also admit, I don’t like to have too much going on in my sewing room at once. I also don’t like to keep people waiting.

I hope I will take all the worry and hassle out of the process for you, no matter what it is you are looking to have made by me. If it is more than I care to take on I will let you know so we don’t waste each other’s time. I can give you a referral.

I take local business as well as ship to anywhere in the USA.

I am picky about service as much as the work I do behind my sewing machine.


Thank you for visiting! ~~ Cathy Silverberg


What We Do

Pillows and Bolsters

– Bed/Sofa
– Floor/Pet bed
– Decorative/Patio
– Lumbar
– Bolsters
Pillow Sales – visit our store

Send me your dimensions and I will give you a quote. Do you need fabric?

Bench seat cushions

– Banquette seats
– Mudroom bench
– Window seats
– Patio cushions

Place an order with me for a beautifully made cover by me!

Sewing Classes

– Beginner Sewing Classes
– Intermediate Sewing Classes

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homemade tote
See more views of totes like this in our store.

Handmade items sewn by me

Used Books and Misc for Sale

Why You’ll Love Us

Made in USA – Custom Sewing
Family Friendly
High Quality Sewing &Professional Service
High Quality Products Used – when available
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shipping factored into the price.
My store is open for business.

Galleries: Pillows Bench Cushions

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Thank you for visiting! ~ Cathy Silverberg